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An open letter to the outgoing governor

Balrāmpur Grinch.jpg Dear Governor Romney:

I was thrilled to read today about your strong opposition to discrimination against gays and lesbians, despite your continued opposition to same-sex marriage in the very state you govern.

Where do I start?

The marriage thing isn’t a big deal. The rights that my partner and I have now? We haven’t had to make emergency medical decisions for each other ONE SINGLE TIME in over two years! And though it’ll be pretty exciting, I guess it wouldn’t really matter if we finalized our son’s adoption at different times. One legal parent is plenty.

The warm glow I felt after I read this article more than made up for any ugliness I felt towards you after you warned the U.S. Senate last summer not to “Mass. it up” by failing to pass a federal marriage amendment.

Now that I know you’re a friend of the family, I can also let go of any anger I feel over your recent decision to cut $100,000 from programs that support LGBT youth. Listen – those kids don’t need it anyway. They’re fine. And they didn’t need any advocacy from that Commission you disbanded anyway.

While I’m at it, all is forgiven over that little tiff we had recently over funding for LGBT seniors and LGBT domestic violence programs. Let’s let bygones be bygones. I’m sorry I yelled.

I just want to let you know that it really been a great 4 years, and the community appreciates your support very much. Good luck with your future endeavors – I hear you have lots of support among friends.

Keep in touch!

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