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Vlogging Like We’ve Never Vlogged Before

SalonLGBTQ ended on Saturday and I have still not recovered. Maybe it’s because I’m old or maybe it’s because my mind is still ruminating on the content and connections from the weekend.

Deborah Goldstein and I did a session at the conference entitled “Why We Blog” and it was graphically recorded by my best gay, Anthony Weeks, who is an artist and filmmaker. Deborah and I had never presented together before which is shocking since we’ve been blog wives since sometime in 2009 and have been to numerous conferences together. So, SalonLGBTQ was our Coming Out Ball!

If I could distill the discussion down to the basic elements, we still blog because we are storytellers and we need to write, because we have met incredible people and because storytelling can change the world. I may have been a little zealous on that last point.

Why We Blog


Deborah did a great job summarizing some of the other speakers and sessions and giving you a peek at the weekend. But, after all that learning, we had to unwind. Plus, I’ll be honest – Deborah and I can only be serious for so long.

So, when the conference was over and many of our friends had left to return home, we snuggled into bed and recorded a vlog that includes a more goofy than good takeaways. We have never vlogged together before…which might be obvious when you watch it. So many firsts at SalonLGBTQ – our first presentation, our first vlog and my very first mimosa.

So, without further ado, our first vlog!

This video is rated PG for Language and Lip Gloss.

P.S.  I apologize for my aggressive counting.

P.P.S. I want a laughter ringtone or a ringtone of Deborah saying “Totes.”

P.P.P.S. Maybe someday will post the outtakes on our Facebook page because there are plenty!

P.P.P.P.S. I totally lied about the “without further ado” part, didn’t I?

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  1. I had invoke executive privilege and publish this right away, aka the middle of the night East coast time, because I couldn’t bear to be fast asleep, West coast time, when everyone began to weigh in in the comments about anus vs. vulva! Anus wins the uncomfortable derby! For me at least, and for the same reasons Vikki cites: I have made friends not only with my own vulva, but the vulvae (?!) of many other women. (I’d say countless, but thanks to one of our VQ bonding exercises, I had to count them.) But the net is: I am pro-vulva.

    I am also pro-you gals doing every subsequent vlog in your MailChimp monkey hats. Also grateful for this recap. TOTES ADORBS.

  2. BUT! Best ever.

  3. I love this. You’re right! You’ve desensitized me! Hooray!

  4. Even with Polly’s promo, I’m still too scared. Maybe I’ll do it ten seconds at a time (the inch by inch thing you know?) *and don’t be a smart alec back, because I love you guys.

  5. It IS fetching! Also fetch, I think.

    Definitely “anus.” It’s one of those times when the uncomfortableness (?) of the word matches with the…thing. Is there a word for those times? Wordenfreude?

    You TWO. Totes adorbs. And Deborah, you are always tweetable. Always.

  6. All over the country?!?! World! Don’t forget Julieta and I. Not to mention, Susan was there and Canada is in fact another country.

    That said, group VQ vloggys rule!

  7. Anus makes me more uncomfortable which is good, because my 2-year-old is very comfortable with the word vulva.

  8. You people adorable.

  9. This was great, thanks.

    Blinded by the pretty lip gloss.
    Unscripted is always best.
    Both words make me laugh (I’m a nervous laugher); “anal discharge” makes me laugh more.

  10. “Tune in again… Ooh ooh ooh” HA. You ladies are the best.

  11. You two are totes adorbs!!
    I love the shiny lips, Vikki.
    And it’s anus. Blech.

  12. The anus vs. vulva question is definitely hard-hitting. And it’s probably true that someone is hitting one or possibly both of those orifices, hard as we speak (write?). My thoughts… Since you appear to have asked. I’m going to go with the majority and say “anus” is the most uncomfortable word. But I also feel compelled to write that “anus” gets way too much attention as a word (see Anthony Bordain, Parts Unknown) and “vulva” is terrible underutilized and even misunderstood. Adding to this complication is that too many people use the word vagina, when they actually mean vulva. So, not only is this video an enjoyable round-up on LGBTQ, but an important awareness-building around the use of the word vulva. I, personally, think vulvas should get a colored ribbon and an awareness month or day just like breast cancer or AIDS. Vulva awareness. Let’s start now.

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