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Your occasional Monday changelog

Today we have five new additions to the Misoprostol from mexico LesbianFamily family, three of which have been languishing, un-posted, for months on end following their initial requests. I’ve checked, though, and fortunately they’re all still (a) lesbians, and (b) forming and raising families.

First, from the blogs who collected mounds of dust in the Egregious Oversight File, allow me introduce you to:

  • Grunt ‘n’ Squeak, which wins the top Egregious Oversight prize for languishing in obscurity since NOVEMBER. Of LAST YEAR. They’re listed in Babies! and Multiples.
  • 2moms2babies only languished since DECEMBER. They’re listed in Babies! and Multiples as well.
  • Finally we have chasing the tree, which has only languished since JANUARY. That was just yesterday, it seems! O how time flies. They’re listed in Babies!

I’m not quite sure I can guarantee that we’ve managed to list their blogs while their babies are still babies, but there they are.

Early April requests for listings are:

Lucky for us, these are Big Kids blogs, so I feel confident that their big kids are still big. Probably — this is just a guess here — they’re even bigger now than they were last week, when the requests rolled in.

Please extend all these gals and their young a spirited LesFam welcome, and pay a visit to them and their online lives. Meanwhile, I will extend a sheepish LesFam apology to the Egregious Oversight File residents for their long wait on the bench.

If any of you made a long ago request that is still unfulfilled, please leave a note on this post and I’ll see to it that your blog is rescued from the LesFam Egregious Oversight File. Likewise, if any of you would like to see your blog shifted — i.e., from TTC to Expecting, Expecting to Babies!, Babies! to Little Kids, or Little Kids to Big Kids — do tell. Until we get a raft of intern elves (who aren’t distracted by their own kids!), we’ll continue to rely on you, Gentle Reader, to help us keep the site kempt.

Many thanks.

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  1. Hello, please add us to the TTC blog list.
    Nutella and Strawberry 🙂

  2. Hi, originally we asked to be put on the TTC list, but we have since transitioned to the expecting list.

  3. Done! I’ll introduce you both with more fanfare at next Monday’s round-up (since not everyone peeps the comments). And Kate, I couldn’t even find your blog on the TTC list. So jeez! Another apology’s in order. I tried to scour the requests up in the comment stream on that page, but maybe you attached the request to another page or a post? At any rate, my apologies, and congratulations!

  4. Hey Polly I managed to move me from expecting to babies – should have done so a while back, seeing as how my little one is 3 months old! So if i was on your list to move, it is done.

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