Community / News from the community is THRILLED to announce that we are now an ongoing TEAM EFFORT!

Amazing and wonderful bloggers Polly, of LesbianDad, Trista, of An Accident of Hope, and Art-Sweet, of Artificially Sweetened, have all agreed to blog about lesbian family topics here as well as at their home blogs!

UPDATE: The fantabulous Kwynne has agreed to return to the writing side of the blogosphere as a Lesbian Family blogger.

SECOND UPDATE: Team is complete for now — please welcome Round of Round is Funny. And go wish her Happy Birthday!

Each of them has fabulous ideas, and as most of you know, great voices and perspectives on being part of a lesbian family and the family of lesbians. I think they are going to truly bring to a whole new level of value and interest for our community.

Please thank them and welcome them, and if you didn’t before, go check out their personal blogs.

And watch this space!

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  1. How fabulous. You’ve got yourself a great team, Liza. And yay, Kwynne! I’ve missed her, it’ll be great to see her here.

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