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When things don’t go as planned Plans rarely go as they should (at least for me) but that doesn’t necessarily mean things go bad; quite the opposite, actually. For example, let’s go back to May 17th, 2010. I was in this LGBTQ group in the Socialdemocratic Youth Organization,  planning some urban intervention in Santa Fe  for International Day Against Homophobia. That year Argentina was debating same-sex marriage, which gave our community visibility. So we decided  we were just going to hang rainbow flags all over the city with no text. We had our usual arguments and we asked for permission to hang the flags in the City Hall and in our Suspension Bridge.

where can i buy antabuse in the uk This was the plan:


This was the outcome:

The Outcome

Let me tell you, I was somewhat disappointed and when my dear friend Gerardo and I were freezing, trying to hang the flags on the bridge. I remember thinking, “We are making such an effort for nothing.”

CongresoWell, it turns out that Luján saw the brigde flag when walking by, and then she found this picture on Facebook and contacted Gerardo to join the group.

Luján was a med student, so she never had the time to actually go to a meeting. But since she was going to a LGBTQ families gathering in Rosario, and I was going with Lesmadres, Gerardo and others told me to add her as a friend in Facebook and recruit her at the gathering. She says she remembers me from some workshops, but I was very distracted playing with some kids. I was recently single and kind of sad, I guess, so we never talked during the event. Nevertheless, we chatted about it through Facebook then flirted a little and met in July.

A week later, the Marriage Equality Law was approved and we were there, at 4:30am, so happy together even though the temperature was -2°C (28.4°F)!

A lot of plans have popped up, shifted or faded since then, but recently we came up with a very simple one… We decided to get married, and to celebrate we’d just have dinner with the family; nothing big. That didn’t work out. Everyone got so excited, we got carried away, and the plan morphed… so next month we are getting married at the city port and we are having a huge party on a catamaran!



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  1. OMG! Tears! In my office! For you Julieta and for your beautiful bride.

    Amazing, I have “known” you online for all these years but I never knew how you two met. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful, wonderful wedding!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Clare! =))

  3. I hope you’ll share a celebratory wedding story and photos with us!

  4. I will! =)

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