I’m very excited to announce that we have two new writers joining the team here at! Clare, of Clare Says, who will be primarily writing about lesbians and lesbian families around the world, and Jenny, of Probably Boring Ramblings, who will be focused on child development. (And probably fetal development too, as she’s expecting!)

Also, look for more guest posts from Nina!

  1. Vilkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
    Lucky LesFam & its readers!

  2. hey, welcome to the team!

  3. Yay! Welcome to the new writers (from a very horrible contributor over here – I hope this changes very soon for me, we just have to find daycare in the new city we’ve moved to).

    Clare, I’m excited to hear your perspective on the transnational understandings of sexuality and family. Maybe it will get my own mind moving again. 🙂

    Again, welcome!

  4. Thanks everyone. Hope that I can come up with something to say soon.

    And Hi Kwynne. I hope we can have some great discussions and perhaps even bring in some of the racialized cultural images that are out there. P.S. I miss Butch Baby Makin’– it was one of my favorite blogs ever.

  5. Thanks for the welcome – I’ll get postin’ as soon as I can log into this bad boy. I am actually teaching child psych this semester so hopefully that’ll help me get posts together.

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