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Noah’s friend Liam has a blog! We’re very excited to welcome him — and his moms — to the blogosphere. His blog, Liam Howard’s Weblog, is listed under Babies.
(And there are some cute pictures of Noah playing with Liam already up, and we just left their house 90 minutes ago!)

A few other more established bloggers whom I hadn’t found yet have found! Please welcome Blue Ox (little kids & interracial families), Backyard Musings (little kids), (well, I found these folks, but they just wrote back!) Sayoni (resources), and FemmeNoir (resources).

Sayoni is a social networking site with the mission of empowering and connecting all kinds of queer Asian women from all over the world; their blog has more than a dozen regular authors, plus guest writers.

FemmeNoir is a web portal for lesbians of color, also all over the world.

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