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Weekend Reading: The Absent Edition If Blue Ox can report from space, you’d think that I could manage a post with a toddler-leech who keeps poking me in the eye to let me know that I do, indeed, have an eye.  You know, just in case I forgot.

But I can’t.  I’ve been working one-handed for an hour and she just deleted the whole post with one of those toddler-moves where one open-palmed hit on the keyboard completely turns your computer off thus losing any posts that you were sweating blood over.

It’s not like any of you are reading this anyway.  No, I’m sure you’re all doing something fantastically wonderful for New Year’s Eve.  But, just in case you are checking in this morning , I have two things to say:

First off, Pronoia is trapped in her house with a radio-active pill inside her… please go keep her company and send her your best wishes.

Secondly, I was going to wish you all wonderful things in this coming year, but Sarah of Journey of a Co-Mom says it all so much better.  Instead of blatantly ripping off from her, I’ll just let you read it for yourself.

Happy New Year!



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