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Weekend Reading: More on Non-Bio Momhood

where to buy gabapentin online Following up on Lesbian Dad’s post Friday, I wanted to point out some other bloggers who have been talking about how it feels when you consider yourself a mother, but it’s your partner that’s pregnant or the one who gave birth.

Sarah at Journey of a Co-Mom de-briefs us on their Easter visit with her partner’s parents, and how it felt to be dismissed as her son’s mother by her in-laws.

Charlotte at Dos Mamas describes how she feels lost now that her job of getting S pregnant is done.   She feels like she doesn’t really have a place right now, and that feeling has been reinforced by the people who seem to consider S the only expectant mother worthy of special congratulations.

and Lo of Family O takes up the subject as well, describing her feelings around her shifting roles and the ways she’s being viewed by the people surrounding her family as they move further into Co’s pregnancy.

Finally, Lesbian Dad has something to say about the connection and love of a Baba to her children.

That connection, while you’re looking deep into your child’s eyes, wipes all the hurful comments and ignorant slights away.

If I missed a blog post or three, please comment and I’ll go wrangle them in, weekends aren’t exactly the most to blog surfing for me…

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  2. Neither Narda or I are Malka’s bio-moms, but Narda always gets the: “She looks JUST like you!”


    We never know if people are being stupidly racist, or just assuming that Narda’s the bio-mom.

    All that matters, however, is that I am Malka’s Eemah, and she knows it.

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