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Weekend Reading: Four the Pleasure of It *Edited AGAIN*

buy rui Clomiphene I have been sadly and inexcusably absent from here for too long.  And while I’d like to make this my big comeback, the post to make all the silences worth it… this isn’t it.  I have no achingly beautiful or deeply thoughtful words for you.

What I do want to do is point you to someone else’s series that is definitely worth taking the time to read.  If you haven’t already, please check out Susan of Crunchy Granola’s Days of Four series (I liked to the first one, I think you can find them all just by hitting “next post” off of that one.)



congratulations to Two Moms are Better than One and Heretical Hedonism who both found out that they’re pregnant this week and to Shelli and Narda of Hydrangeas are Pretty for finalizing their adoption of Malka today.  And, finally, Dee and Shelly of 3 Dogs, 2 Moms, 1 Baby are going to get to meet their daughter, Riley, outside of the womb this weekend!

And… how could I have left off Rae finding out that she’s pregnant this week, too?  Sheesh, I need to do a better job at this… 

And, I can’t believe I left off Jenny’s pregnancy, too.  Crap, I need to be fired… I’m off updating links as we speak.


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  1. Thanks Trista, for the nods to these sisters’ goings-on. I for one really appreciate the news round-up and suggestions to take a peek here and there. Something about that kind of sews up the sense of community even more. So thank you.

  2. Hey Trista,
    can you move Fly My Pretty from the ‘trying to conceive’ category to ‘expecting multiples’!!

  3. i also need to be moved over to expecting and need to update my url, it’s still on my blogger one…thanks.

  4. Hey Trista – can you also move me from ttc to expecting?


  5. ah shucks… thanks for the nod!

  6. Very belated thanks for the link!

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