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Way to go Maine!! Lesbian Couple Victorious in Court : Earlier today the Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a lesbian couple should be able to adopt two siblings.

From an email from Equality Maine’s executive Director, Betsy Smith:

“As many of you know, today’s ruling
marks the first time in Maine history that a
same-sex couple can jointly adopt a child.
Until now, only a married couple or an
unmarried person has been allowed to
petition to adopt a child.”


This is awesome.  Even though these two children are not biologically related to the couple, the implications of the ruling could very well apply to second-parent adoption because the case states that two same sex parents are fit parents to jointly adopt.

What a great day for queer families in Maine!


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  1. That’s GREAT news! Thanks for sharing it, J!

  2. Yay, Maine! What great news.

  3. And, in news from the Midwest, an Iowa district court judge ruled that gay marriage must be allowed. One couple managed to tie the knot before they stayed the motion on appeal. Iowa rocks! Check out my blog for more news or head over to the Des Moines Register for updates.

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