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VQ Turns 1: How Do You Measure a Year?

One year ago on this day, VillageQ was born and today I find myself wondering how you measure a year?

We could do it by the numbers – by the number of posts and page views and social media followers, by the number of contributors and their accomplishments, by the number of nominations for awards.

We could do it by talking about all the changes the year has brought – those who came and went, the ways in which we expanded, the vision that continues to guide us.

But, we are a little different here at VillageQ, different in so many wonderful ways. So, entrusted with celebrating the site’s birthday today, I choose to measure the year by honoring the stories we’ve shared and the voices of our varied contributors.

I went through all the posts from the past year and picked some of my favorites to share with you.

Sometimes, we write with passion about the world around us, near and far…

Why Binyavanga Wainaina Matters by Clare Masson

Kinky Boots Provides Opportunity for Conversation by Sandra Telep

Keeping It Queer in the Suburbs by Cheryl Dumesnil

Sometimes, we write about the very personal…

 This Father’s Day by Alan Shannon

The Slightest of Breezes by Betsy Fife Archer

 Queer-View Mirror: My Coming-Out Movie by C.J. Prince

Invoking God’s Name in Vain: A Personal Update from Israel by Ian Chesir-Teran

Defending My Right to Be a Mediocre Queer Parent by Susan Goldberg

 Sometimes, we write to make you think…

Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Pointers for LGBTQ Parents by Polly Pagenhart

Dos and Don’ts of Posting Travel Pics on Social Media by Bryan Herb

5 Things You Should Know about Trans Parenthood by Dylan Flunker and Levi Sable

Keeping Our Gender Creative Children Healthy by Jan Kaminsky

Is There Such a Thing as the Gay Community? by Roger Rosen

10 Tips for LGBT Allies by me

And sometimes, we all just need a laugh…

The Mother of All Fathers by Robert Shaffron

Hard Lessons on Hand Me-Downs by Sarah Gilbert

Inner Dialogue of a Working Mom by Deborah Goldstein

As I reflect on this past year, I am filled with gratitude for all who have shared their talents here and for all those who come here to read. It really does take a village.

VillageQ is now one and like any one year old, it walks with a wobbly gait and has a tendency to stick its fingers in light sockets and occasionally eats Goldfish crackers off the floor. But, it is also adorable and full of potential. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. Onward!


  1. Happy Birthday to us! To everyone! The best thing about this post is that I haven’t read all these posts and it’s so nice to have a list. Cheers to many more years.

  2. Happy birthday to VQ!! You guys are doing great work!!

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