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VQ Sex Ed: Talking to kids about sex

Sex EducationThis is the first installment of our VQ Sex Ed series in which I will provide helpful hints on talking to kids about sex and answer questions submitted by readers.

We have received some questions and I’ll get to those in future videos but, today, I wanted to start by giving some basic advice on how to set the stage for ongoing conversations with your kids about sex and sexuality.

Unlike my personal vlogs, these do contain talking points but they aren’t completely scripted which is why I end up talking about laser beams. For the record, nobody really says what I said they say about laser beams.

My mind goes where it goes.

So, check out our first Sex Ed video below and remember to submit your questions HERE!


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  2. I COULD talk openly and honestly about sex with my children OR I could wait until you’ve done enough of these vlogs to answer all the questions for me. Keep them coming. Hurry! They look curious!!

  3. Thank you so much! Love your approach. And I WILL be asking (you) questions.

  4. Confession: a couple weeks ago the kids were talking and it became clear they thought babies came out of urethras. So I drew a little diagram of a vulva on our kitchen whiteboard and labeled all the parts and I ALMOST lost my nerve when deciding whether or not to include a clitoris.
    Of course I included a clitoris and when they asked what it was I told them it was the part that felt good to touch (which I know they do).
    But I surprised myself when I felt anxious about it.
    This is just to say–push past the squeam and fake nonchalance as necessary. The last thing I want to do is plant a seed of shame in my kids about the actual GOOD part of sex. (They are totally horrified by pregnancy and childbirth.)

  5. This is fabulous. But I have to admit that the bit about turning the socks right side out was the most captivating aspect for me.
    But the very best thing about it is that you did this video, Vikki, and not me, because then I would have to talk about the time my children (9 & 11 t the time) informed me (not ASKED me) what teabagging is.

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