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VQ Sex Ed: On privacy and parts

VQ-SexEd-button-nosubmitThis month, I am talking about privacy when showering and talking with our kids about bodies – ours and theirs. In the video, I recommend a book called A Kid’s First Book about Sex by Joani Blank which is a great book for younger kids. I had no idea the book was published in 1993 until I looked it up on Amazon for this post. I still stand by the recommendation even if it might be hard to find. You can find it used on Amazon and it’s worth the effort of tracking it down because some books are timeless and this is one of them.

You can submit your own question for Sex Ed on this form and your question may be the one I tackle next month!

Until then, let’s talk about parts…bits…goods…

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  1. Best site of the web for pre teens and teens is

    For somewhat younger I go with It’s Perfectly Normal.. I like how they are just super factual but not so heavy as to be freaky.. they also deal with the whole gay/not gay thing in such a normal way that it makes you blink twice it is so refreshing!!

    • The old standby I mentioned does a good job with the gay thing as well which I appreciate. I will check out your suggestions too!

  2. You give great advice, Vikki.

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