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VQ Sex Ed: How are gaybies made?

VQ-SexEd-button-nosubmitI’m talking reproduction and how families are made this month.

As with all of these videos, I jot down points I want to cover but I do not script them. I do this because I like them to appear conversational and imperfect. You won’t have a script so why should I get to have one?

The risk in doing it this way is that I am sometimes tangential. That’s why I may have accidentally mentioned that “stealing children” is a way to create a family. DO NOT STEAL CHILDREN. I was making an awkward joke.  The other thing I want to clarify is that, in my first point, I want to be clear that I use male/female in a biological sense to separate the conversation from men/women due to the complexity of gender.

For those who can’t watch the video or don’t want to watch because you are sitting in the waiting room at your mechanic’s and don’t have earphones, I’m posting the main points of the conversation below:

  • Separate reproduction from sex. It’s about biology.
  • The building blocks of babies are sperm and egg.
  • Males have sperm and females have eggs.  Take the conversation deeper by explaining when biological males or females may not have sperm/eggs (health issues, infertility). Take the conversation deeper still by explaining the difference between biological sex and gender.
  • Reproduction is an equation. Sperm + Egg = baby
  • Surrogacy and egg donation are ways to add the egg if it is missing. Sperm donation is the way to add the sperm to the equation if it is missing. Take the conversation deeper by discussing infertility and transparenthood.
  • Discuss ways to build a family separate from reproduction such as foster care and adoption. Do not tell them people steal kids. I’m still traumatized by the creeper who kidnapped children in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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