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VQ Sex Ed: Coming Soon

VQ-SexEd-button-nosubmitOnce upon a time, I set the fence in our backyard on fire. It was a little fire and I put it out quickly but it left a mark – on the fence and on my pride. Luisa had asked me to start the charcoal in the grill and I had never done it before but I understood the basics involved and set to work. I made a little pile of charcoal in the cylindrical metal charcoal lighter thing and I struck the match with confidence and lit it and, after several minutes, the charcoal caught and there were flames and I felt quite accomplished. Then, I decided to pour more charcoal onto the pile but I put the bag too close to the flames and the bag caught on fire and then I panicked and started beating the bag against the fence to put it out and then fence caught on fire but the bag had stopped burning so I beat the fence with the bag again and finally extinguished all the flames.

If you are wondering what setting fire to a fence has to do with sex, well, they are both hot.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that I’m really bad at starting grills. I’m also not so great at ironing or grocery shopping or cutting tags off of throw pillows. But there are also a lot of things I’m really good at like writing limericks and telling stories and baking cookies and being a good friend.

I’m also really good at talking to kids about sex.

I am not an expert in the traditional sense. I did not go to Talking To Kids About Sex School. I do not have a Master’s Degree in Deconstructing Sexuality for the School-Aged Child. I have not published a paper titled something like, “From Crib to College: Human Sexuality Explained with Lullabies, Legos and iTouch Apps.”

I am just a mom who believes in honesty in all aspects of life – sex and sexuality included.

I’ve shared conversations I’ve had with my own kids with friends and acquaintances and the response has always been the same: “OH MY GOD CAN YOU TALK TO MY KIDS ABOUT SEX I’LL COVER YOUR AIRFARE HELP ME!”

In this spirit, VillageQ is launching a new feature called “VQ Sex Ed” to provide a little guidance to those parents who struggle when talking to their kids about sex and sexuality. You don’t even have to pay for my airfare!

Take a moment and look at the right hand side of our site. Right below the comment box, you will see the handy-dandy new button for this series. When you click on that button, it will take you to a form where you can submit a question for consideration.

Keep in mind:

1. Questions can be submitted anonymously, though a functional email address is required to prevent spam. There are no stupid questions!

2. I may not be able to answer every question or may group similar questions together for a response.

3. Regarding #2, you know I love a good laugh so creative (but appropriate) anonymous names might grab my attention. I want to hear from Perplexed by Puberty in Pittsburgh and Wet Dreams in Wichita!

4. Usually, my vlogs are wacky with a side of substance. The VQ Sex Ed vlogs will be substance with a side of wacky. Questions will receive answers.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? I think so!

But it won’t work without your participation so fill my box…with questions. Submit, submit, submit!

Please keep it respectful. If you use this as an opportunity to be offensive or inappropriate, you’ll be put in a time out.

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  1. This. Is. Amazing.

    My mom talked to us very early and very openly about sex and she handled the whole situation so well.

    I can only hope to do the same one day when my little one asks and I can’t wait to learn from this series!

  2. Hi it’s Patty Pubicbone from Pennsytucky!

  3. Hattie Howdy says:

    I have a very very basic question. What age can you/should you start talking to your kids about sex? Might be a stupid question but my own parents didn’t even try to talk to me about sex until I was a junior in college . . . Which was a tad too late. Also, books? Any you recommend? What if I try talking to my child and they balk at my efforts? Do I force the conversation? Or wait until they are in college?

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