Announcing VQ Monthly Chats

VQ ChatAnnouncing the first monthly VillageQ Twitter Chat on Monday, November 25th at 9PM EST. 

Have you set a reminder?  Entered it in your calendar?  Invited all your friends?  Do you need more information?

Our monthly chats hosted by VillageQ and contributors will take place on the last Monday of every month on topics related to queers and families. Topics will be posted in advance on Twitter and Facebook and may include Creating Family, Homophobia at School, Pets are People Too and Matching Outfits for Holiday Greeting Cards – Yea or Nay.

Ok, maybe not the last one.

Point is, we want to take VillageQ to Twitter and have a good old-fashioned, faceless chat – no sponsors, no giveaways – just real conversation about subjects that are near and dear to queers…and allies!

Confession.  I am a Twitterphobe.  It overwhelms me, all the real-time updates scrolling past my eyes like movie credits and the Twitter handles I’m supposed to recognize as names and the teeny-tiny faces that are sometimes not faces at all.

Who is out there?  Do I know you?  Are we friends?

My immediate impulse is flight over fight.  I know that everyone is there on the Twitter.  I know I’m missing news and hilarious banter, but I’m still only an occasional Tweeter at best.  I respond when summoned, and I’ll promote a blog post if I remember.

Mostly, I suck at Twitter.

It just so happens that I’m one of the few who spends most of my life on-line but actually prefers communicating with people in person. It’s a hand-talking thing.  If you can’t see my hands flailing around while I speak, will you really understand what I’m trying to say?

The VillageQ team has been very patient with me while I complain, resist and ultimately ignore Twitter. I’m not proud.

But this is the event to change my Tweetless ways. Thing is, I want to get to know our VillageQ community and, if our community is on Twitter, I’m a gonna be there, too.

Be there with me and let’s chat!

November’s topic will be: LGBTQ – Family – Holidays WHAT: A facilitated discussion on issues that arise during the holidays for people who are LGBTQ

buy gabapentin online us WHEN: Monday, November 25th at 9 p.m. EST

WHERE: On the Twitter!

HOW: Just log in to Twitter, follow the #vqchat hashtag and join the discussion!

Go LIKE our Facebook page.  Go FOLLOW @villageqtweets.

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  1. You know I’ll be there! So excited! I’m preparing my funniest holiday story in case levity is needed. Getting it down to 140 characters may take some time.

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