VQ Chat Recap: Taking care of ourselves

Last night, we gathered on twitter to talk about parenting and self-care during the March VQ Chat.

Below are the questions and a few great answers!

Zhaoqing Q1: When do you treat yo self? Regularly or as needed?

Q2: Do you treat yourself more or less since becoming a parent?


Q3: What simple thing lifts your spirits or rejuvenates you without fail?

Q4: What is the best thing you’ve ever treated yourself to?

Q5: If money were no object, what would be your one indulgence?

There was a general consensus that treating ourselves – in small ways or more decadent ones – helps us stay sane as parents but many of us also admitted that we sometimes feel guilty taking time for ourselves. Something we could all work on!

Join us on April 28th at 9 p.m. EST for the April VQ Chat! Submit topic ideas in the comments or via twitter to @villageqtweets!


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