VQ Chat Recap: Love and Marriage

Buchanan Last night, our monthly VQ Chat returned with a great discussion on marriage. We even got to see some wedding photos! Below you’ll find the questions and a few of the answers:

Q1: Is same-sex marriage legal in your state?

We had people from Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio and Washington. We even had people from Canada and New Zealand. It was remarkable that Ohio was the only state without equality:

Q2: Are you married? If yes, how long have you been married?


Q3: Has being married or getting married changed your relationship?


 Q4: What about your relationship with family and friends?



Q5: Did you get married before you had kids? If so, was that a conscious decision? Did it matter to you?

And because it’s hard to resist wedding pictures, here are a few shared during the chat:



Join us next month on Tuesday, November 18th at 9 EST to talk Thanksgiving traditions and family!

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  1. Deborah Goldstein says:

    Had a great time chatting with our VQ tweeters. They give good tweet!!

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