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It is the season of giving and we asked our contributors to share some of their favorite things and whiskers on kittens and bright copper paella pans made the list!

Well, the kitten whiskers are just in the picture but still important.

These are some of our favorite gifts for grown-ups. I’d say “adult gifts” but that is a different list. We’ll put that on the white board for the future.

For now, check out our top 7 picks:

1. One of the hottest shows in 2013 was Orange Is The New Black and some of the show’s best lines have been immortalized in prints. If you can’t have Alex Vause, you have to hope for Taco Night, though Taco Night with Alex Vause would clearly be the best option.


2. If you can’t make Taco Night happen, maybe you can make Paella Night a thing. I’ve never actually had paella because my partner is from Portugal so my allegiance is and will always be with the Portuguese. But you can make paella in this fancy pan! Don’t mind me…I will be over here eating Caldeirada de Enguias. That’s Portuguese for eel stew.

Paella Pan

2. When it’s cold outside, there is nothing better than staying in and cuddling under an electric blanket with someone you love…even if it’s just your cat. This dual control electric blanket would do the trick. However, if you are cuddling with your cat, you’ll have to operate their control thingamabob. Cats are so spoiled.

Electric Blanket

3. What’s on your nightstand? Mine is covered in Rainbow Loom bracelets, bandaids and post-it notes with Great Ideas scribbled on them. There is not a single thing to read unless you count bandaid wrappers and you can only read “open here” so many times before you get bored. You may be like me (or know someone like me) and need new reading material. Check out Rad Dad, a zine about parenting.

Rad Dad

4. Let’s be honest for just a moment, shall we? Sometimes, we don’t want to read. Maybe we want to watch a fascinating documentary on the mating habits of the Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock. Maybe you can’t read because someone poked you in the eye with an icicle and you now have to wear a patch. Either way, you can always watch everything with a Roku box…even with only one good eye.


6.¬†And what about those kittens and their whiskers? Well, those kittens are models and they are selling coffee. Dogwood Coffee is a Minneapolis roaster and this sampler is a coffee lover’s dream. I want a big mug of it right this minute. Maybe tomorrow. I need someone to deliver.

Dogwood Coffee

7. We’ve given you lots of great ideas you can use when you are hiding from winter but, if you have to go outside and face the elements, this Patagonia vest will keep you snug as a bug in a rug. That’s a good thing, right? I think it is though now I’m thinking of rug bugs and probably won’t be able to sleep tonight. Anyway, this vest is the one worldly possession that Casey would run into a burning building to save. Okay, I made that up but she does really love it.

Patagonia Vest


Several of these items can be purchased through Did you know that if you are shopping on Amazon and use this affiliate link, you can help support VillageQ? You can. It’s shopping magic and we’ll give you a basket full of kittens and their whiskers as a sign of appreciation!

(We won’t really give you kittens. It’s not kitten season.)

So, what are some of your favorite things?

This is not a sponsored post and we did not receive payment or financial support to mention any of these products. These are simply things we like.

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  1. You were won over on Brussels Sprouts Vikki, I think you could learn to love Paella. Also, I really really really want that pan!

  2. If we could get kittens to deliver coffee, that would be better than Amazon drones in every way. We need a Kickstarter for this, stat!

    I’ll need some coffee first. But I’m too tired to go out and get it. If only I could get some delivered.

    Dammit–here we are again.

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