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The VillageQ Valentine’s Day Playlist VillageQ valentineOh Valentine’s Day!  Some people love you and your Hallmark cards and your chocolates filled with mysterious (and mostly undesirable) fillings. Some people do their best to ignore you and some actively hate you and your fat baby with wings who shoots people in the lovelorn ass. Some people are chained to the dining room table cutting out endless paper hearts so their kids can stuff them in shoeboxes in schools across the land.

Valentine’s Day is a complicated mess of commercialism and romantic ideals about love and relationships.

But, as my daughter used to say when she was three, “I love love.” I also love music. So, what better way to celebrate this strange holiday than for us to share a VillageQ playlist. These are some of our favorite songs about love–the good, the bad and the gone.

Listen to some music! Poke your partner or poke cupid in the eye or poke holes in the bottom of each and every damn chocolate so you don’t have to eat the icky ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Band Perry – Done

Brandi Carlile – Closer to You

Julieta Venegas – Limon Y Sal

Stephen Bishop – It Might Be You

Madeleine Peyroux – Don’t Wait Too Long

Madonna – Crazy for You

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Fred Everything featuring Lisa Shaw – Here I Am

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