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Amazing how songs from my childhood pop right back into my head as my daughter learns them. Like the catchy tune from Sesame Street above, it all comes back and sometimes even gets stuck.

Though I am not here to discuss Sesame Street, that song has inspired me to think about the VillageQ Community. We’ve done Featured Family pieces in the past to highlight our amazing Instagram Community but it’s time for a new series to highlight people connected to our site through our phenomenal blog directory. The directory is growing and we want more in-depth interviews with our entire community of readers and bloggers.

Yes! This means we want to hear from you!  Who are you?  What issues concern you? Where do you live? What are your joys and challenges as a parent? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Important questions, right? Especially that last one.

We will interview one person from the VillageQ Directory each month as part of this new series and though the questions won’t necessarily be the same, we’ll get a peek into the people behind the blogs.

So, let’s do this. Are you in?

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  1. I’m surprised to see no takers yet, guess I’ll bite though =).

  2. Hey, that last question can be super important. One of the reasons I chose our donor 😉 Need another person to interview?

  3. Gabrielle Seagrave says:

    We aren’t bloggers, but we’re happy to play along.

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