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VillageQ Community: Meet Michelle

This marks the first post in a new series on VillageQ that highlights members of our community. Michelle was the first person to reach out to us and we are excited to be sharing her story here!  

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This is the four of us on our wedding day: Me, Ryleigh, Connor, and Laura.
Photo Credit: Jessica Brown of Artisan Events NW Name: Michelle Age: 31

Hometown: Pueblo, CO

Social media handles: moonwillow83 (Instagram) and @photomuse83 (Twitter) though I’m kinda hit or miss on both.

Number and ages of kids: Connor is our 6 year old boy and Ryleigh is our 4.5 year old girl, with hopefully more in the semi-near future.

Number (and type) of pets: We have a small zoo: two cats and two big dogs with fish also in our future.

Day job: Trained and licensed as a nurse. Currently a stay-at-home mom and loving it.

Relationship status: Happily married to my wife as of July 25, 2014.

Favorite children’s book: Any of the Sandra Boynton books like the Belly Button Book and Moo Baa Lalala!

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Tillamook Vanilla Bean, and coming in a close second is just about anything with chocolate in it.

How did you create your family? 

Our current kidlets are from my previous marriage to their dad, but we are getting ready to jump into the world of fostering/adoption to add another kid or a few to the mix.

 How do you keep the love alive? 

We met because of our mutual love of a series of books (Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey) and our common interests just grow from there. Enjoying similar books, music, and tv shows gives us a lot to enjoy together and lots of things to laugh about. For us, at least, lots of fun and laughter is the key to keeping our love fresh and alive.

Who else provides childcare? It takes a village. Who’s in yours? 

My mom has had a huge part in helping with the kids since the time Connor was a baby. When we decided to move to Colorado, Mom insisted on coming with us so she could stay with her grandbabies. For the past year and a half, she’s been living with us. The kids have been in heaven having their Mimi in-house. We’re moving soon though and instead of in-house, she’ll just be right down the street.

As a parent, when was the last time you patted yourself on the back?

It wasn’t exactly the last time, but probably my most proud moment was when our daughter was 3. She saw a homeless man sitting outside the corner store as we pulled into the parking lot and insisted she wanted to give the man a hug. After we talked to him and I informed him of what she wanted to do (which surprised him but made him smile), we went inside the store and she insisted we buy him lunch. So we did. Even at 3-years-old she had gotten the message that if we are able to help people, we do and that everybody deserves kindness. This has carried through with both kids’ attitudes toward people and animals.

Describe your favorite moment as a parent.

I’m gonna cheat a little because its not just one moment, it’s one type of moment. I love watching and encouraging the kids in whatever it is they’re passionate about at any given moment. I was surprised as they grew to discover that even young kids like our 6 and 4.5-year-old can be passionate about things, and with these two their interests range from playing video games, riding horses, and all things music to ballet, reading, and playing soccer (respectively).

Here are the kids and their Mimi, opening a seed pod at the zoo.
Photo Credit: Michelle Heins

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  1. Clare Masson says:

    I love that Mimi was able to come out with you. The kids look so mesmerized by her seed pod and are lucky to have that type of time with a grandparent.

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