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VillageQ Community: Hola from Argentina

Julieta is more of a “welcome back” then an “introducing.” In fact, years ago, she blogged here. She is also one of those people whom I only know on the internet, have never met in person, yet feel really connected to.  I found her online, long before the plethora of lesbian bloggers, much less lesbian bloggers in Spanish.  Her blogging became part of an NGO dedicated to political action and community work for lesbian mothers and lesbian moms to be.  See? Amazing. 

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buy isotretinoin for cheap Name: Julieta

Loos Age: 33

Hometown: Santa Fe, Argentina

Social media handles: @willowscharm (instagram)

Number and ages of kids: Only one for now, Amelia. She’s 4 months old

Number (and type) of pets: 1 tiny dog (Prague Ratter) called Chía

Day job: Mathematician

Relationship status: Married

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Dulce de leche with dulce de leche

How did you create your family?

We conceived through IUI using sperm from an anonymous donor. The third try was the charm.

How do you balance work and home life?

The first couple of months I had my maternity leave, and my wife worked a lot. She worked all 7 days of the week, and she wasn’t home 3 or 4 nights a week. Now I’m back to work, and she dramatically decreased her working schedule so she’s home more than I am. We are still adapting to these changes and breastfeeding’s become challenging because where I work there aren’t many comfortable spots for extracting milk and it’s not too close to home so can’t go back home to feed the baby.

What is it like for queer parents or couples in Argentina?

We don’t know many queer parents where we live. I guess visibility is still somewhat an issue in Santa Fe. It takes a while for strangers to understand when we tell them we are Amelia’s moms, but so far we got nothing but good vibes.

I’m not sure how it is for LGBT people across the country. Even though we have some very friendly cities like Buenos Aires and Rosario I think it’s harder for LGBT people in small towns, especially for those in northern Argentina. Nonetheless, I think it’s amazing how everything changed after the approval of same-sex marriage. If you asked me 5 or 6 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined it would be like this.

Who else provides childcare? It takes a village. Who’s in yours?

Our village is huge! Both our extended families are in it and so are our closest friends. The ones who live nearby (that’s 2 grandmothers, 1 grandfather and 3 aunts) help the most, of course.

Describe your favorite family moment.

Saturday mornings are the best. Our baby always wakes up with a smile on her face, and it’s the the one day of week we are both free to stay and really enjoy that. It’s also our day to go work on a new home, which is our next dream about to come true.

Amelia's first adventure. Photo credit: Julieta

Amelia’s first adventure.
Photo credit: Julieta

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  1. So nice to see your smiling faces here again. Especially with the special little addition.

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