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VillageQ 2014 Retrospective

It’s Monday of a new year and we are all returning to our normal routines but we are also probably a little distracted which means it is a great time to do a little reading, don’t you think?

In reviewing our most popular posts of 2014, I realized that – even in a short list – they capture what we try to do here at VillageQ. We hope to tell compelling personal stories about our lives as LGBT people, to discuss news and politics and popular culture, to educate and entertain.

These posts do just that.

So, sit back, click and check out some of our best stories from 2014.

Robert Shaffron

The Mother of All Fathers

plan b one step super active Robert Shaffron

I have a husband, two children, and a membership in the PTA.


 Jack McFarland Is a Faggot and So Am I

pharmacy where you can purchase Roger Rosen

“No offense” is, point blank, homophobic. Apparently it’s offensive for people to think that you’re a gay man.


 10 Tips for LGBT Allies

buy ivermectin online uk The VillageQ Team

Every word you put on the page that pushes society forward and allies are absolutely essential to creating change. 


Who Is Safe in GLBT Spaces?

Shannon LC Cate

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


 A Boy’s Bar Mitzvah and a Family’s Coming of Age

Ian Chesir-Teran

A multi-generational, multi-racial and multi-denominational family unites in celebration.



5 Things That Pass As Dates after Having Kids 

Vikki Reich

We took long walks around the lakes and met at quaint little coffee shops for quiet chats. We went to movies, went dancing and met up at the occasional party. There were long leisurely drives and we talked…in full sentences. And then we had kids.


Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank after Conceiving Biracial Child

Sandra Telep

Forms of oppression, while not interchangeable, are all connected. Queer people do not inherently understand race issues just as people of color aren’t immune to homophobia.


5 Things You Should Know about Trans Parenthood

Dylan Flunker and Levi Sable

 Like so many things, being a trans parent can be murky and complicated. And it’s a very individual experience.

three kids magic kingdom

Keeping Our Gender Creative Children Healthy

Jan Kaminsky

The distinction between gender and sexual orientation continues to be confusing for some. The simplest definition is that gender is who you are, and sexual orientation is who you want to be with as a partner.


This Is Not Bad. This Is Not Good. This Is Change.

Cheryl Dumesnil

Today, I felt sad that Tracie and I were not the smiling couple holding hands as their kids whisked past them on the carousel or the couple stealing a kiss in the bumper car line. I touched that sadness for a while, and then I noticed our kids’ faces—their radiant joy as they skipped and ran and jumped and tugged our arms, pulling us from ride to ride.

Welcome to 2015! What stories will unfold this year?

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  1. Thank you for this honor. Happy 2015, everyone!

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