First, the good news!

Congratulations to Sarah & BB, who finally got to meet Nicholas Leander on November 18! Congratulations to Jillian, who gave birth to Elias on November 14! Congratulations to Anne and Melissa who welcomed Sophie on November 28! Congratulations to Mere and her family, who had Layne on November 22.

And congratulations to Art-Sweet, who got The Referral Call and a photo of Guatebaby on November 14. If all goes well, they’ll meet him early next year and get to bring him home in the spring!

Now, the bad news.

Send your “I’m so sorry” love to Jen and Marci at LightComingOn, who got the “no heartbeat” news on November 15.

Please send “stay put” vibes to Lois & Holly’s baby, who is 29 weeks but mommy’s cervix is having trouble keeping him inside where he belongs.

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