A few of you left comments asking to be included in additional categories, and special thanks to Sarah & BB for pointing out 3 bloggers who I’d left out of the Global Families category!

Additionally, please welcome a few new blog, Jim, of Disciples from the Left (a sister blog to Straight , not Narrow), in Friends of the Family.

Does anyone know if the Quixotic Mamas have had their baby yet??? No posting since Sunday, which was 9 days past the due date.

Finally, got an email from Emma & Jean:

My partner and I are ready to start a family and are looking for advice, resources and direction from other lesbian mothers/families. We are really at the beginning pros/cons of sperm donation vs. the trusted friend etc. Hoping you can help.

Friends? What’s your advice?

This site doesn’t have forums (yet?) but hopefully this post will spur some discussion that helps.

Also, I would spend some time clicking around the blogs in the “Trying” category. Those are the folks who are dealing with some of the same questions you’re asking. (Folks in other categories may have also been down this path, but those are the folks there now.)

One other place I’d look is Estelle’s blog — she’s generated a lot of interesting and maybe helpful discussion in thinking about whether or not to use the same unknown donor to try to conceive a second child. (There are more posts on the topic, but that one is a good place to start.)

  1. You know, Sacha of Babycakes has posted several posts about choosing a good friend as a KD and what that has entailed…

  2. I don’t know about the baby yet… I’ve been checking and damn that baby is quite overdue, I’m certain it’s here by now. They wouldn’t leave us hanging like this with no good reason.
    And I was going to comment with my sperm bank story, before realizing you already led them there. Please Emma and Jean, contact me if you want further details. There are things about them that I cannot really say publicly, but I’ll be honest in private if someone wants to know.

  3. The Quixotic Mamas had their baby – it’s a girl!

  4. Quixotic Mamas had their baby on September 28. You’ll have to visit their site to find out the rest.

  5. Hi there love the site, regardless of what my venting, we are still TTC and would love to be added to the blog roll!!
    Megan and Kim

  6. oh and i guess we are global being from Australia!!

  7. We just started a blog too. It’s called two moms adopting.

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