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Truth time

Hmmm.  On day five of Week of Blogs, I may be running out of intro words.  Plus, I hate the thought that you spend any time reading my ramblings instead of checking out the blogs below.  On the other hand, perhaps if I don’t write a compelling enough intro, you won’t pop over to any of them.  So, truth time, have you been visiting any of our blogs?

“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

And without further ado, the blogs:

  • TransPanTastic – A podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and the life that happens between them. George is a straight FtM transgender man. Jess is his pansexual nonbinary/genderqueer wife. They talk about transition, parenting, transition, working in the public sector, transition, relationships, and did we mention transition?
  • Raising Owen and Jay – From the Mid Atlantic region of the USA, Vikki has been living in the Midwest since 2002. She has twin boys born in Dec. 05, two dogs a cat, and a rabbit. Her posts are generally short, but hilarious and filled with photos.
  • Mindful Mommy Monday – Humbly, Peax and Love is an ever-growing integration point for people who wish to sustain each other and the world around them. This will help minimize dependency on outside sources that may not benefit the people, the environment, and the COMMUNITY. We choose to co-operate rather than compete and have embodied the phrase “Strength in Numbers.”  We call this the  best place to order clomid Healing Arts Network!
  • Mamas and Sons – Hi. I’m Mama L. The gorgeous redhead by my side is Mama B (Note: you have to go to their blog to see the photo). We knew from the very beginning we were a perfect fit. Only one thing could complete our family: children. So we started on the long path to have a baby. Through the miracle of science we were doubly blessed and are now the proud mamas to the most handsome twin boys. Welcome to our adventures in motherhood!
  • A Summer Full of Peaches – The adventures of two girls living and loving in Edinburgh.  I love that both partners write in this blog— and sometimes disagree and/or tell embarrassing stories about the other.  Its really seeing their relationship and their love interact.
  • Unconventional Librarian – Book reviews with a mad sense of purpose.
  • Lil Family Blog –  She is a wife and Mommy to two little girls and too many dogs.
  • Ever Moving Mama – Learning the parenting ropes from state to state. Born and raised in New York City, I moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul for a few years when I met my soulmate. We got married, had a kid, a dog and a house and then… she got a job that relocated us to South Florida, and then to Seattle. So I’m learning the ropes on how to make it work as a SAHM with a corporate wife as we keep moving from place to place. Learning how to take care of myself and my family while trying to have a fun and active life with my sweet wife, our little guy and newly arrived baby sister.
  • Mama Deux / Two Mamas – Blogger is a 30-something American living England since 2005, having followed her now-wife for the relationship and an adventure. She is a civil servant working in public health and doing her PhD part-time.  She enjoys gardening, Diet Coke, running, camping, travelling, cooking, watching trashy TV, and her job. Her wife is a 6 foot tall cop, the youngest of three.  Read about all their adventures!
  • 2 Moms 4 U – Our son is now almost 3 years old and we want to continue documenting his joys and fears, lessons we teach one another…and pictures!

Stop by. Come back. Come often. Come when you can. Come when you need to.  Blog love all around!

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  1. Firstly, that Kurt Vonnegut quote is beautiful, and I thank you, Clare, for associating his words with the efforts we are all making here. Secondly, I am slowly making my way through these fantastic blogs, and I am grateful for all the bloggers who are sharing themselves with us.

    • I know! Right? I am spending way too much time enjoying way too many people. I wish I could just reach through their computers and give them a big old VQ hug. (But maybe that would be creepy. Also, super dangerous technology. I hope no one ever invents that).

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