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To watch with the little ones

where to buy disulfiram (antabuse) Here are some short animations featuring LGBT families produced by Paka Paka, which is Argentina’s first public educational tv channel for kids run by the Ministry of Education, to watch with the little ones and since there is no dialog, it doesn’t matter what language you speak. 1) Mi Familia, chapter 13, stop motion, 2 minutes.

Ejura Mi familia, capítulo 13, Paka Paka

purchase cenforce online Sorry, there’s no embed option, click on the image or here to go and watch it.

Mi familia is a series of stop motion animation short (or micro) movies about different families. Here’s the full list of episodes, which are free to watch online or to download. Here’s my second favourite: Chapter 10

2) Frases en cajitas: yo tengo dos mamás (I have two moms)

3) Frases en cajitas: yo tengo dos papás (I have two dads)

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  1. Julieta, loving & sharing! Thank you!!

  2. What fun! I had never seen these.

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