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The Lights Have Dimmed

Caemon: In Her Image Photography

Many of you have likely been following the story of Caemon, who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia last August (2012). His mothers charted their post-diagnosis journey at C is for Crocodile, and at this Facebook page for him.

It is with a very heavy heart that I convey that yesterday morning, Caemon lost his battle with leukemia. shoddily Please go and leave Timaree and Jodi your words of love, if you feel so moved.

It was a cancer battle for a young boy–my nephew–that brought me to figuring out the insides of blogs nine years ago (I helped create a resource site with a password-protected blog embedded in it). I learned then firsthand that the support of loving people, near and far, can help so much, and our ability to share information and support is one of the very finest use of the internet. Timaree and Jodi  could use as much love as we can all send their way in this very, very dark time.

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  1. The lights may have dimmed here … but the stars shine brighter.
    So sorry for your loss xxxx

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