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The Gay Dad Project

You have probably noticed the name of this site is “Lesbian Family” and, if you haven’t, I guess I just outed all of us here! Scandalous!

The reason I bring up the name is that I want to be intentional in talking about it for just a moment.

This site is really meant to be a place for all families and we want to be inclusive of as much of the GLBT parenting community (and allies) as we can. We don’t want to be limited by our name.  I was going to suggest we all join hands now and sing “Don’t Fence Me In” but then I looked up the lyrics and it’s not exactly appropriate though I did learn a new word – “cayuse” (a “feral or low quality horse or pony“).

So, let’s not sing.

Instead, in the spirit of broadening our community here, I want to introduce you all to The Gay Dad Project.

The Gay Dad Project was founded by Erin Margolin, Amie Shea and Jared Karol who met online and discovered that they had more in common than social media – they all have gay dads.

I met Erin through blogging and Twitter and didn’t realize her connection to our community until later. It’s always exciting when connections change and deepen over time.

When thinking about this post, I talked to Erin and asked her what she wanted people to know about the project and she said this:

The Gay Dad Project is a safe, warm and welcoming space for people of the LGBTQ community, along with their straight allies, to share their experiences about how gay parents–whether you are one, have one, know one, or are interested in meeting some–have had an effect on our lives.

As I’ve said before, I believe in visibility and the power of the personal narrative to change not only the storyteller but others as well and The Gay Dad Project has the potential to do just that.

The stories of the GLBT community and our families need to be told, even if they aren’t always easy to tell or easy to hear.

Erin, Amie and Jared all have different backgrounds and want to share their stories with others and plan to make a documentary about their experiences. They also want to encourage others to share theirs by using the nifty “Share Your Story” tab on their site. Their aim is to be as inclusive as possible too so you don’t have to have a gay dad to share your experience with them.

Find The Gay Dad Project on:



Watch the trailer for their film here and/or email them at for more information.

I encourage everyone to check out their site, trailer, Twitter and Facebook pages. Share your story with them and like the heck out of everything you can. Every person who does will get a cayuse!

Okay…I can’t really promise feral ponies for all…or for anyone really. Our non-existent legal department would not want me making promises I can’t keep. But, you’ll get a imaginary scratch and dent pony from my heart!



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  1. Vikki,

    Thank you so very much for featuring us today! We have a post going up later that will direct our readers to you! I’ll let you know when it’s live.

    Oh, and thanks for the educational bit on feral ponies! Unicorns are passé for sure!

    We look forward to bonding with you all and we’d love to work out a way to feature you at our place soon….so we’ll be in touch!

    LOVE the site & what you’re doing with it!

  2. I found the Gay Dad Project through my dear online friend, Erin Margolin. I think their site is amazing and take the opportunity to send others over there whenever I can. I’m a gay Mom and Grandma, and am so pleased whenever I see the online community coming together like they have with the Gay Dad Project to promote awareness and foster understanding of the GLBT community. I am also thrilled that they are including lesbian families on their site. I have just recently found Vicki’s blog (from Erin’s recommendation) and am hooked on her wit and wisdom. Everyone will feel welcome at Vicki’s blog Up Popped a Fox and also the Gay Dad Project website. So check them out, and bring your friends!

    • Terri so happy that you are enjoying The Gay Dad Project and that you found – and are enjoying – Vikki and her humor. I think she’s a good find. Nice work Erin, and Vikki this post is great! 🙂

  3. All the generations!

  4. Yep, what they said above: yehaw, and more.

    I especially want to underscore that while this site was founded as a resource by lesbians making family, my personal notion is that the family I make, as a lesbian, begins with my immediate one but most definitely is an extended one, including my family of origin, that of my partner, our “donor family” (our donor chum and his kids and their mom), and beyond this, as even further “extended family,” allies and friends.

    I sincerely believe in the larger notion of human family, and hope that the rich weave of our stories here helps bear that out. I’ve always thought that the very most powerful thing about queer family is that we are always, ipso facto outward-turned. We can’t be inward-turned or exculsionary because we simply cannot make our families without the help of others. So. Let a thousand flowers bloom. 🙂

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