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The Fosters Roundtable: The Honeymoon (Episode 11)

impassibly CIERRA RAMIREZ, DAVID LAMBERT, JAKE T. AUSTIN, TERI POLO, SHERRI SAUM, MAIA MITCHELLSpoiler alert-o-rama!  These weekly Roundtables are your place for queer family banter about the new ABC Family show The Fosters, and they’re chock-a-block with SPOILERY content.  You’ve been warned! Episode synopsis: Jude and Brandon feel guilty about Callie running away, and other family members are confused about Callie’s actions. Meanwhile, Mariana stumbles upon the real reason for Lexi’s impending trip to Honduras.  First aired: Jan 13, 2014
This week at the table: This week’s roundtable is a table for one. We’re getting our roundtable sea legs after the long break, and anticipate more folks at the table next week. Pull up a chair and chat in the comments!


JAKE T. AUSTIN, HAYDEN BYERLY, TERI POLO, CIERRA RAMIREZ, DAVID LAMBERT, SHERRI SAUMI missed this show when it was on hiatus!  There was a lot going on in this episode – if this was the first episode I was seeing I’d be thoroughly confused.  I like that the show has so many story-lines unfolding simultaneously, but it is a lot to keep track of, especially after a five month break.  Still, I think I managed to keep up.

It’s the day after the big wedding – as is clear from the opening scene in which Stef and Lena lovingly greet each other as Mrs. and Mrs. The episode focused mainly on Callie’s life on the lamb and how her running away is affecting everyone back home.  There are a few scenes about Lexi going to Honduras – including Lexi, Jesus and Mariana finding out that it’s a permanent move – but they are largely anti-climactic.

Here’s what I loved about this episode… and what drove me batty.


  • How Stef’s mom is infuriating, awesome, supportive, overbearing and hilarious in her brief scenes.  She nails the role of visiting mother.
  • Stef (Teri Polo) nearly crying, but not really – perfect tough woman – when she’s (rhetorically) asking why Callie would run away.
  • Lena’s message on Wyatt’s voicemail.  She’s concerned, but reasonably calm – she even calls herself out on waiting for a voicemail to respond to her question.
  • Mike holding down the home front.  He hasn’t always been my favorite character, but it really warmed my heart to see him trying to manage the chaos at the house so that Stef and Lena could search for Callie.
  • The scene with Stef’s mom and Jude on the bed.  It was nice to see them connect and really refreshing to see Jude just being a kid and joking around.


  • The whole Lexi-Jesus-Mariana storyline.  I know, that’s harsh – but I really feel like the revelation that Lexi is moving fell flat.  I think in part I don’t love these scenes because the acting isn’t as strong and in part because I relate more to the parent equation of the show than the teens.  Still, I’m glad for this trio because they get a whole demographic to tune in that might not otherwise watch a show about lesbian moms.  So go ahead, Jesus, profess your undying teenage love for your girlfriend that’s moving to another country.
  • The last scene.  I just can’t make sense of what Callie is thinking.  She’s getting herself arrested…why?  So she has a safe place to sleep?  So she can go back home?  To be like her dad?  So she drives already bad situation to the point of no return?  I don’t get it.  Her character is smart.  That move didn’t seem to fit.

So what do we have to look forward to?  Well, I’m intrigued by Callie trying to reach out to her dad.  I imagine there will be many many tears and feels when we officially say goodbye to Lexi – and I hope they take advantage of the opportunity to really highlight the heartbreak of undocumented immigrants.  At some point Stef is going to have to see her dad and the wedding – and his absence – will inevitably come up.   Plus, I doubt we’ve seen the end of the fallout from the shooting and Mike’s drinking.  Looking forward to the rest of the season.


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  1. I wanted Annie Potts to stay forever! As for the last scene with Callie in the convenience store, I loved that scene. What was she thinking? What was she doing? It all felt right for a messed up 17 year old girl.

  2. I am with Vikki. I loved (not sure that is the right word for this) Callie’s last scene! And, I totally get where she was. She chose not to go home, because she loves her brother and believes she will screw it up for him. She chose not to stay with the girls… because… let’s be honest she wasn’t ready to fall into prostitution and neither was ABC. But, the real statistics is that within 72 hours on the street, most runaway teen girls (and many of the boys) are at least approached by pimps or people to take them in to prostitution. I think, in her own logic and lost way, getting arrested was the safest (yet heartbreaking) alternative she had.

  3. I guess that’s a good point. I am interested to see how it will play out. Will she just refuse to provide her name or give a fake name? Because she’s gotta know that Lena and Stef are still looking for her. Ack.

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