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The Fosters: House and Home (Episode 12) CIERRA RAMIREZ, DAVID LAMBERT, JAKE T. AUSTIN, TERI POLO, SHERRI SAUM, MAIA MITCHELLSpoiler alert-o-rama!  These weekly Roundtables are your place for queer family banter about the new ABC Family show The Fosters, and they’re chock-a-block with SPOILERY content.  You’ve been warned! Episode synopsis: Callie meets a woman who works in the foster care system; Brandon reveals why Callie ran away.  First aired: Jan 20, 2014

I watched this week’s episode in two parts (thank you teething toddler) on my incredibly comfortable couch with my partner.  This is my happy place: Snuggle time with my significant other, entertaining TV, and wine – did I mention there was wine?  On to the high and low-lights of the episode.

Love It:

  • Rosie O’Donnell – I like her character and she struck the perfect tone of strict but caring authority figure.  I’m a long time fan and am psyched to see her pop up on this show.
  • Jude all dressed up to visit Callie – Oh my heart melted.  I have such a soft spot for Jude – and I hated to have to watch him hear that Callie’s privileges were taken away.
  • Cole Storyline – I know I rag on this show for tackling issue after issue each week, but it’s also really what I love about the show.  Obviously we were due a trans* storyline and I’m looking forward to getting to know Cole.

Leave It:

  • Lexi – Wait, so she is just gone?!?! Last week was their big goodbye?  And this week Jesus is getting slapped on the butt by a girl on his new wrestling team?  I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Lexi, but I did NOT get closure out of last episode’s picnic.
  • Brandon – Brandon, Brandon, Brandon…What is going on?  I get it you are a teenager in love – but I’m not digging the attitude and lousy choices.  I’m glad you finally got around to telling your moms the reason Callie ran away and letting Talya know you are in love with someone else, but did you really have to show up at Callie’s group home?  I’m so nervous about whether she’s in trouble because of you!
  • Medication – Getting off prescribed meds is complicated.  It’s great that Stef and Lena are going support Jesus in his desire to stop taking his medication, but I feel like that scene needed a clearer sort of “OK, we will make an appointment and come up with a Dr. supervised plan to to do this,” rather than what felt like an, “OK, but you have to work really hard a wrestling practice.”

Of course my absolute favorite moment wasn’t scripted into the show at all, but rather a well-timed quip by my partner. During the (rather touching) scene when Jude came to Mariana’s room to borrow Callie’s pillow and Mariana asked if he would like to sleep there, my partner turned to me and deadpanned, “Do you think they are going to hook up now?”  It is weird that there is a foster sibling love storyline, but it’s even weirder that it’s not more weird.  Weird.  When they alluded to this coming down the line in the early episodes I cringed and hoped against hope that they wouldn’t follow this plot line.  And yet, now that we are here, I feel like it’s unfolded well and hasn’t been nearly as uncomfortable as I’d anticipated.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad!



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  1. Loved Rosie’s character but I did think it was weird that she used the appropriate pronouns with Cole but then kept referring to the residents of the house as “girls”. Problematic.

    I should watch with wine!

  2. You know, I did notice that, and yes it’s problematic…but I do like that The Foster portrays their characters in ways that are perfectly imperfect. Everyone has a learning curve – some steeper than others. Like some of the iffy things that Mike has said, or how even Callie has had some moments of adjustment. I also like that the follow-up teaching moments aren’t usually heavy-handed – it allows for viewers who might also be learning to keep up. That said, there was no follow up to the “Girls” line. I totally cringed during that scene with Rosie, Callie and Cole.

  3. Love Rosie as well. I thought the Mariana/Jude was really sweet. Her getting that he needed to be as close as possible to his sister. And, yes, heartbreaking him all dressed up and not getting to go.

    I get the Brandon being an idiot and teenager in love and sticking his foot in his mouth again and again… but my heart flew with Callie when she went running to him. So worried. But still, I was so there with her in that moment of wanting more, wanting to belong, wanting to be loved.

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