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The DOMA Ruling and Children

buy Lyrica uk While many of the Lesbian Family crew (along with many of you) are variously freaking out and celebrating and trying to find a moment to write down what all the rulings mean to them and their families, here’s a germane snippet of something from Carlos Ball, whom I always love to read:

There are many striking aspects to the Supreme Court’s DOMA¬†ruling, but perhaps the most compelling is the role that children and their well-being played in the court’s reasoning. For the last twenty years, same-sex marriage opponents have claimed that marriage must remain an exclusively heterosexual institution in part because doing so purportedly promotes the welfare of children. Opponents have contended that children do best when raised by their biological mothers and fathers and that society has an interest in promoting heterosexual marriages because they are the “optimal” way of raising children.


Justice Kennedy, in writing the majority opinion in the DOMA case, clearly disagreed. Kennedy emphasized that when the federal government treats state-sanctioned same-sex marriages as “second-tier marriages,” it humiliates and stigmatizes the children of those marriages. DOMA, Kennedy explained, made it “difficult for children to understand the integrity and closeness of their own family and its concord with other families in their community and their daily lives.”

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