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Thanksgiving Sides: Brussels Sprouts and Cranberry Sauce

Misoprostol on line I admit that I am addicted to new and exciting Thanksgiving recipes. I love trying new things. However, I cannot tell a lie. I always hated brussels sprouts. I also never knew that it was “brussels sprouts” and not ” brussel sprouts” until I was working on this post.

I don’t know why I hated brussels sprouts. Maybe I had a bad sprout. Maybe I had never had them at all and simply judged them because they seemed like tiny cabbages with a likely “little cabbage” complex – you know, like a Napoleon Complex but with brassicaceae.

But, about three years ago, someone brought brussels sprouts to Thanksgiving dinner and I tried one and I fell in love and lived happily ever after.

So, when Clare said she would share her favorite brussels sprouts, I was all, “YES, PLEASE!”

Below you will find the recipe Clare uses to turn brussels sprouts haters to lovers.

Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate

  • 7 cups Brussels sprouts, sliced in half with discolored leaves removed
  • Olive oil to toss
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 3/4 cups pomegranate seeds, about half a large pomegranate

This recipe is quick and easy and you can find detailed directions here. I would love to try this and am hoping that Clare will fly across the world to peel and seed a pomegranate for me!

*A Note from Clare: I love Brussels Sprouts to begin with.  Also, I used frozen sprouts because that is what I had on hand.  It worked though I am sure it would have been better with fresh.  I think my proportions were off and I had too many pomegranate seeds but I liked it that way!

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  1. Here is how to peel and seed a pomegranate:

    I never knew it was so easy. Also, delicious and incredibly healthy!

    Hope you have the gumption to try it yourself.

  2. So, does this mean you aren’t coming over? This is disappointing news, Clare.

  3. I think you just made Pam’s Thanksgiving. Two of her favorite foods together!! I am going to be a goddamn hero.

    • I am excited about the Brussels sprouts. Really excited. I’m exciting about the cranberry sauce but this recipe is almost the same as what we do so it’s not quiet as life-changing as the sprouts.

      Let us know how it goes, Sarah. I have to admit – I’m a little afraid for you. Anytime I declare myself a hero before something, it usually ends badly.

      • Vikki! I am so glad you are excited. After starting to read the intro, I was totally confused as to why you jumped on this when I gave you two recipe choices! Still, glad you are a convert and hope you enjoy. Ask me next year to give my Mustard Brussels Sprouts recipe— that is the one that convinced my spouse that the mini-cabbages were delicious!

    • Yay! I am so happy. Also, I like Pam already as these were top on my list of favorite foods (and I do just people on their taste in foods). I was ecstatic when I found the recipe! Enjoy!

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