Thank You, New Yorker

13 May 2013 New Yorker cover, by Chris Ware 13 May 2013 New Yorker cover, by Chris Ware

In what you can bet will be a steady, week-long stream of observations, celebrations, and consternations around Mothers’ Day here at Lesbian Family, here’s something for the hallelujah column.

The New Yorker’s upcoming issue will feature a two-mom family, in a beautiful illustration by Chris Ware.

In a post describing the illustration, he says:

In the spirit of openheartedness and what life is really all about, I’ll go so far as to say that the fear of others may mask some deep-seated desire to understand, and maybe even to love. Because really, what is there to be afraid of? Few people today don’t know—or have in their families—at least one loving couple who are raising children, same-sex or not. And it’s really just the loving part that matters.

Hear, hear, and bravo, sir.


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  1. A beautiful quote in such a classy rag!

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