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TGIF Video: Wanda Sykes on Motherhood

This has been an extraordinary week. Even as we post this, some of you (including one of our stalwart regular contributors, Casey) are in the Boston area still on “lockdown” as the city’s law enforcement continues its hunt for the second suspect in the marathon bombing.  So in recognition of the stress so many are under, this afternoon’s TGIF Video is comedy from the beloved, hillarious, unparalleled Wanda Sykes.

Talking to celesbian #1, Ellen:

Providing unconventional tips on disciplining her twins:

And talking to celesbian #2, Rosie, with some fun stuff at the end about how, when they were younger, they each managed to imagine themselves as mothers, but without husbands:

And because Sykes is so dadgum great, and everyone needs to have seen this if they haven’t yet, here’s her classic routine from way back (before she came out)  buy Pregabalin mastercard On Gay Marriage. Brilliant comedy. And totally worth watching it through to the last thirty seconds.

May laughter help heal a bit.

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