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TGIF Video: (Un)usual Family Hi! Clare here to hijack Polly’s TGIF Video Post. Polly usually posts really great uplifting videos— and this one is beautiful and hopeful too. However, I am posting it this week in solidarity for the LGBT population in Russia who are being legislated as second class citizens.

This video is beautiful (it is also subtitled in English) and is about writing and drawing a children’s story that puts the spotlight on and celebrates diversity.  The video is filled with imagery and the voices of real children and families.  The book  will be banned under the proposed law. It is, however, an important book that can help a Russian speaking LGBT child feel like they are not alone in the world, that they are worthy of love.

The law that is working its way through Russia’s legal system is a ban on “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” among minors. The law will make it illegal to equate gay and straight marriage, hold gay pride parades (a minor might happen to see it), or distribute information on gay rights.

(Не)обычные семьи from Kseniia Khrabrykh on Vimeo.


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