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TGIF Video: MN Rep. Steve Simon on the Senate Floor

purchase stromectol It has been a big week in Minnesota, as you’ve seen earlier this week with Vikki’s posts both documenting her day at the State Capitol and her thoughts the day after.

If you check out how many YouTube videos of senators’ speeches on the floor of the Minnesota House, you’ll guess, as I did, that every single senator wanted to weigh in to the historical record on this vote. So many to choose from (including this speech from Rep. Karen Clark, the longest serving openly lesbian member of a state legislature in the US).  Rep. Tim Faust’s speech also touched a nerve.

But the one I want to share is from Rep. Steve Simon, who had to pause at great length toward the end, to fight back tears. If you don’t have much time, then just go to the two and a half minute mark. You won’t regret it.

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