TGIF Video: LGBT and Undocumented

As many of you know, the recent immigration reform legislation before the congress excluded the Uniting American Families act, which seeks to [per Wikipedia]:

eliminate discrimination in immigration by permitting permanent partners of United States citizens and of lawful permanent residents to obtain lawful permanent resident status in the same manner as spouses of citizens and of lawful permanent residents.

Next week the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the immigration reform bill and begin to amend it.  They need to amend it in a way that compassionately and justly acknowledges the countless binational LGBT couples that are in dire need of both justice and compassion. Immigration Equality has these suggestions:

Southchase Here is what we need you to do today:  If your Senator is a member of the Judiciary Committee,  pick up the phone and call them. Tell them you, and your family, are counting on their support for adding UAFA during the amendment process. A full list of Committee Members is available online here. To reach their office, call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected. (Once you make your call, report back to us via our online form.)

Meanwhile, the Center for American Progress has teamed with Out4Citizenship to put some faces with  these stories.




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