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TGIF Video: Hannah + Kristie’s Quonquont Farm Wedding

Hannah and Kristie live in western Mass where they’re building their family and creating their home.  Hanna blogs at what website can i order Clomiphene the homesteady, a visual feast and an infectiously engaging blog that will make you want to move to the country and pack cool things into mason jars, or die trying.  The blog is listed in Trying to Conceive which means one thing only: send fertile good wishes their way!

After which, take in this gorgeous wedding video put together for them by buy provigil overnight shipping Love+Perry Photography:

Can you believe that photographer Brittney says, “We are by no means videographers, this was just thrown together for a couple of friends when we weren’t shooting stills. Don’t judge!”

Are you kidding with the “Don’t judge”?! How ’bout, “Don’t bum-rush our schedule because there are only 365 days a year and two of us and a handful of cameras.”

Also? Before you bum-rush Love+Perry (no promotional consideration here! I’m already hitched & live on the other side of the country!) I might add that you have to actually be having a marriage or a commitment ceremony or something, first. But the beauty of this day, as rendered by all the warm loving smiles up there, might convince you to propose to the first UPS driver gal you see. Which my beloved may well have done after seeing this video, had I not already gotten her committed in the late ’90s.  To me. (No video footage, but a nice photo montage by our photojournalist chum.)

When you watch this the second or third time, note the chalkboard sign that reads: Since this wedding has two brides, choose a seat, not a side.



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  1. Holy crap, that was so amazingly beautiful and lovely and wow.

    When she smiled and squished her nose as they were dancing and it was totally caught on video? A forever beautiful moment. Captured.


  2. OK, now you made me go back and watch it for like the twelfth or thirteenth time. Worth it.


  3. Beautiful!!! Kind of makes me want to get married again. Sort of. 🙂

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