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TGIF Video: Fosterosity, with Some JLo on Top Fosterosity: not the Jodie kind. Thanks to the ABC Family TV series, now chugging headlong into its sixth episode, we have a new kind of Foster to watch. And we’re not alone: it is pulling in very strong ratings, ranked as cable TV’s #1 telecast in its time slot among young women viewers.  And since we at LesFam are pretty much in agreement that we love the series (as we’ve discovered in our Roundtables chatting up the episodes, most recent of which here), I thought I’d treat us all to some additional footage of the folks in it. Go get another cup or glass or bowl of whatever it is you’re having, and be sure to get the headphones if you’re listening along at work, because we have a lot of fun clips for you.


Here’s a breezy-quick overview of the show, with statements from most of the main actors in it, moms and kids alike. What’s nice is to see that all the actors behind this show are, well, behind this show. You can see the character work they’re all doing, and the appreciation they have for the larger context of the show.


And wow, speaking of the work. Check out this footage of Teri Polo in front of the step & repeat at the GLAAD Media Awards. Wow. I might have lasted fewer seconds in that environment than I would have lasted in those heels or with that neckline (neither of which things, heels and necklines, I have managed in decades). But it’s part of the job of promoting (and helping to objectify) the self, in service of whatever it is that self promotes. One’s own career, perhaps, but also the projects one is trying to push forward. But yikes.


And more of the same from Sheri Saum:


Here’s the two of them before the show aired, at the GLAAD Media awards, back in May in San Francisco.


This next clip’s  from an interview at an event just a month ago.  “I’m always the one kissing her. Always the one kissing her,” says Teri Polo, in answer to a question about whether and how they get steamy. Otherwise, though, it’s interesting to hear their take on that question from the journalist in a clearly queer context (“LGBT Hollywood,” at an event cosponsored by HRC + LA LGBTQ Center). And the response Peter Paige, one of the show’s creators gives, to the question, “How’d you get the idea for the show.” Cierra Ramirez is an utter delight, and those of you up in a knot about what a rhymes-with-stitch her character can be on the show, you will be relieved.


Maia Mitchell’s is one among many interviews that Shine-on Media did with the characters of the show. I think she’s one of the stronger of the actors on the show, but that’s not why I included this clip in the Fosteriana. Mainly it’s: HELLO, AUSTRALIAN ACCENT!


Finally, and to my mind, most importantly: Jennifer Lopez’ capacity as Executive Producer and promoter is a huge element behind this show’s success, and you will know that when you listen to her. If you don’t know already, you need to know now that her lesbian aunt, who passed four years ago, was a huge part of her inspiration to get this show up. “The family you create is sometimes more important than the family you’re born into,” she says, showing how utterly and completely she is the EP to pilot this thing. We owe her an enormous debt of gratitude.

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