TGIF: Kids are kids ​​I love being part of this queer parenting site. I love being around other queer parents. I love being able to say, without explaining. I love the community and the support and being part of the cool club. I love learning to help people redirect those innocent yet oh so inappropriate questions while also validating my own anger that I keep having to answer them.  I enjoy being with supporting allies who are finding their own voice.

However, the most powerful thing to change the minds of others, in my opinion, is just being. Living our lives. Being true to who we are and visible in everyday mundane situations. And the kids! Kids are kids are kids anywhere.  Who can argue with that?

Thank you to Adventurous Moms for sharing a bit of your outdoor fun with us.  Two moms, two dads, mom & dad, one parents, other configuration? Kids are great.  They are fun and their joy is infectious.  Enjoy!

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  1. Kids really do find joy in everything! Yesterday our 5 year old declared that he was going to wash dishes and then proceeded to bring a chair in from the dining room and climbed up to the sink and went at it with a song and a smile. He’d never washed dishes before so I let him just wash the plastic ones and some spoons and he was just so darn happy to do it. While I admit I’m super excited not to have to do those few dishes myself (my least favorite chore) I’m more happy that he enjoyed himself.

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