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Raising a Toddler in a Gendered World
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Raising a Toddler in a Gendered World [I originally published this post about a year and a half ago over on West Philly Mama. ┬áMuch of it still holds true, but it’s only gotten harder to dodge the constant gender messaging. ┬áHe’s now at an age where he is noticing gender and asking questions about biological sex […]

Some queerspawn reading lists

Some queerspawn reading lists

[Crross-posted over at LesbianDad.] During Banned Books Week, we all get to reflect on the life-saving quality of the books in our lives (Liza did here earlier in the week, and so did I). Continuing the celebration, I wanted to collect in one post a bunch of useful book-ish resources […]

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A Starry Coverlet of Velvet Possibility

Someone suggested to me that I write this week on trying to have a sex life with my partner while raising a toddler. I think she thought this would be a hard thing to do. Not the writing about it, goodness knows I can write about sex as long as […]