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Photo Credit: Clare Masson

DIY: Curlicue Art

Sometimes when parenting, it is hard to see the whole forest when looking at the growing twig that is your kid. In other words, it is hard to step back and just enjoy the totality of that kid’s personality when there are everyday arguments that need to be fought (please […]

Photo credit: Clare Masson

Birthday Silence

My 3-year-old daughter sings. She sings and composes. She allows every thought in her head to spill out in song, often through a microphone given to her for her last birthday, often as loud as humanly possible, often on repeat.

Adventures in heteronormativity
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Adventures in heteronormativity

Picture the scene, if you will. I come home from work and Little Bear dashes over and clambers into my lap with a book to read. It’s one of those word flap books where each room is a room in a hypothetical house, you lift a flap and the word […]

Louis XIV enfant assis sur un trône à côté de sa mère est entouré de trois figures allégoriques la Justice, la Vérité et la Paix

Stop judging me!

On my personal blog, I already ranted about the adults who thought it was appropriate to chastise my husband and me for our daughter’s crying on a long-haul plane flight.  I won’t rehash all the details here; you can read about it through the link and leave me some much-needed […]