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Lesbians Raising Sons
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Lesbians Raising Sons

isotretinoin without prescription What is it like to be a boy raised by two women?

From here and there and everywhere
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From here and there and everywhere

Isn’t it great how this just continues and continues?   Here is today’s installment for Week of Blogs!  This particular list takes us from middle of Virginia all the way to Bangkok!  It also includes two guest bloggers.  We love having readers and people from our blog directory (and really […]

Sherri Saum as Lena Adams and Danny Nucci as Mike Foster on The Fosters, Image Copyright ABC Family
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The Fosters Roundtable: Consequently (Episode 2)

Spoiler alert-o-rama!  These weekly Roundtables are your place for smart lesbofamily banter about the new ABC Family show The Fosters, and they’re chock-a-block with SPOILERY content.  Not so much a recap of plot points as it is chit-chat about compelling issues the episode brought up. Read no further if you want […]

The Fosters Roundtable: Premiere Week
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The Fosters Roundtable: Premiere Week

Spoiler alert-o-rama! We’ll be dishing, dicing, slicing, and debating the new ABC Family drama The Fosters each week, and it’ll be no holds barred! So read no further if you want to watch the show and actually be surprised by what happens! And then come back, read up, and join […]

Some queerspawn reading lists

Some queerspawn reading lists

[Crross-posted over at LesbianDad.] During Banned Books Week, we all get to reflect on the life-saving quality of the books in our lives (Liza did here earlier in the week, and so did I). Continuing the celebration, I wanted to collect in one post a bunch of useful book-ish resources […]

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Story Corps Outdoes Itself: Please Listen

Ok, I admit it, I’m a geek. My favorite kind of “music” is NPR. In moments like this morning, I know why. This morning, Morning Edition ran a Story Corps segment that made me cry in my car. While I was driving. The interview was between a 14 year old […]


Get Involved

I know that the first few weeks of January, for many people, are filled with attempts to keep to new years resolutions. Whether that be getting to they gym, spending more time with your family, eating better, or watching less tv, I think I know one resolution that many of […]