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Don’t Kiss, Don’t Tell

Berwick-Upon-Tweed Is there any evidence that prudishness is genetic?

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The Boy Scouts: Honor, Credo, or Oxymoron

The Boys Scouts of America flagrantly recruits hairless, prepubescent males into their uniform-wearing, male-bonding, rubbing-two-sticks-together-in-the-woods lifestyle.

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Where the Boys Are (Hint: My House)

My then-partner/now-husband and I, having tried over and over and harder and harder to conceive an offspring in the traditional manner (it was simply grueling, I tell you), finally gave up the ghost and decided to adopt somebody via the good graces of the New Jersey State Foster System.

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Queer Voices on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday in the United States, and we want to tip our hats to all the VillageQ mothers out there. We hope that whatever you’re doing, you feel special doing it – even if it means that you have to make your own breakfast because your kids […]

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The Children of the Left

For our trans-inter-ultra-mega-racial adoptive family, it is an even greater joy to mold our children into bleeding heart, leftist, liberal, politically correct, Obama-lovin’ Americans.

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Dads – They’re Not Just for Babysitting Anymore

It was a little joke that a dad was so inessential to his child’s day-to-day life that when the kid was in his care, it was as though he was “babysitting.”

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The Boys in the Bathroom

Why in hell can’t boys hit the center of the toilet?

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Jersey Shore Doesn’t

Times have changed, progress has marched on, barriers have broken down, minds have expanded, and the Jersey shore is still almost exactly the same.

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The P Word

You would think that a family consisting of two sons surrounded by All Dads, All the Time would be able to navigate the craggy terrain of puberty with a bit more aplomb.

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Tolerance = Boredom

Thank god(dess) for the Westboro Baptist Church. Big smooches to Michelle Bachmann, and NOM, and to Focus on the Family. Oh, and Franklin Graham, and Exodus International, and Tony Perkins (Keep up the good work, Tony, honey!) Why, you may well ask, am I offering up gratitude and mad props […]