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A Story and a Cocktail
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A Story and a Cocktail Some of my most vivid memories from my childhood are from my parents’ annual Christmas eve party. My mother would spend the weeks before the party decorating the inside of the house while my dad focused on the outside. On Christmas eve day, they would work side by side in […]

Comfort food: Rice pudding
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Comfort food: Rice pudding

Are you one of those people who puts it all out there on the Internet? A blogger who processes online and bares her soul? I am not. But, I do find blogging very therapeutic, a place I return to in search of community and support, a place where I can […]

Can you tell the difference?
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Accidentally Delicious 

All of us have had these moments. The moments where the kids are running around, we need to get out the door, we are completely unprepared to face the world, and the cake or whatever it is that we are baking has to be finished first. The moments where our […]