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Eating Out with the French It’s a simple story of first love. Girl meets boy. Girl is disenchanted. Girl meets girl. Girl goes down on girl—many, many times. Girl loses girl. Simple in some respects, perhaps, but the experience of Blue is chockfull of the delicious complexity of awakening, first love, first loss, coming of […]

Patricial Charbonneau 's Cay busts a move on Helen Shaver's Vivian in Desert Hearts. [PHOTO CREDIT: DONNA DEITCH]
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Desert Hearts: Still Sapphic Bliss

can you buy prednisone over the counter uk In the last installment of Queer-View Mirror, I shared my experience of watching my coming-out movie, Desert Hearts, in 15-minute increments, and simultaneously feeling the door to my own personal closet flying off its hinges. I was 16 years old then, and naturally, it became my favorite film. But recently […]