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Don’t know nothin’ ’bout biology

Wernigerode Okay so the fifties doo-wop tune actually said “geography,” rather than “biology.” But it gets us started. Today I wanted to draw your attention to a great, pithy post by Trista, one of the contributors to this forum. Her piece, Advice to Bio Moms, is a great catalyst for thought […]

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Weekend Reading: Baby Lust

Sometimes I feel guilty expressing my strong desire for another child. I read so many blogs of people trying for their first baby and think of my own precocious cuddler and I lose my breath at my presumption. How dare I try for another piece of snuggly perfection, don’t I […]


Yet Another Twist in the Two Uteri Saga

I feel like I’m a woefully late guest to the two uteri family conversation, but that topic is at times, so hard for me to wrap my head around that I needed a little extra time to put my thoughts together. They still may not come out in the coherent, […]


Have two, use none

Trista’s recent post about negotiating childbearing in a 2-uterus family reminded me so much of many of the conversations my wife, NSG, and I had the first few years we were together. Like Trista and Kristin, NSG and I wanted to adopt. And like Kristin, I really wanted to get […]

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“Othering” Lesbian Mothering

This week, I bring you more lesbian legal news from Ontario, Canada. In July of last year, lesbian parents in Ontario won the right to have both women register on a child’s birth document, called the Statement of Live Birth. Before this decision, the non-bio mom was required to adopt […]

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Living in a Class Bubble

I spent several hours composing a letter to Heather Poe.  As I wrote it I got angrier and angrier (not at Heather Poe per se, but at the entire situation) and by the time it was finished I was fuming.  I asked Kristin to read the letter before I posted […]

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Deep Breath… and… PLUNGE! (take two)

I had the most fantastic introductory post written.  Really, it was a thing of beauty.  It started off with the sentences: “In June 2005, I was unemployed, overly isolated, incredibly depressed, and expecting a child with my partner, Kristin.  I’d been these things for quite a while as we had […]